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Pre-req too old only for one school... Retake?

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Hi lovely ladies and gents, 


I am applying during this current CASPA cycle, and ran into a dilemma.


Western University in California requires that Chemistry be taken no later than 2007. Be it my luck, I took Gen Chem in 2006. If I'm to take it again, I would take it in Fall and Spring of this year because I'm working full time. I want to submit the CASPA sometime in July because I'm applying to 4 schools with rolling admissions.


Should I bother with re-taking chemistry to be able to apply to Western, or do you think it would look poorly for the other schools I'm applying to? I'm a little bit torn since Western is one of the closest schools to me. 


Thanks for the advice!

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It all depends on you if you really want Western.  The other schools won't look at the gen chem badly if you retake it. 



I was in a similar situation back in 2012.  I graduated with a Bio degree back in 2007 and got out of the military 2012.  My a and p was still good for Western, but not for other schools.  I re took micro in the summer since that was 8 yrs old expired and took gen chem 1 in the fall that was 10 yrs expired.  I got accepted to Drexel in Philadelphia in late August and didn't want to do gen chem 2.  I couldn't drop gen chem 1 because I didn't want a w on my transcript.


Depends where you really want to go.  I wanted out of California and wanted the best education out there.



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