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Recommendation letter request

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I currently have two recommendation letters completed from a Physician Assistant and a Medical doctor(internal medicine) from work, which I have known them more than a year.

I need to obtain one more recommendation letter, but I'm not sure who to ask and what would be better for the consideration.

One is my coworker (medical assistant) at current job, and other is a medical doctor(dermatology) from my previous health care experience work. I am sure they will both write me a strong recommendation letter and I thought about just asking a doctor for the LOR. However, I know this sounds like i'm a racist, but I am an asian and a doctor who completed the letter is an asian doctor(internal medicine). We are not related but I have experienced once at an interview that an interviewer asked me if we were related.

And the other doctor (dermatology), who I'm about to ask for a LOR, is also an asian. I don't want the admission committee to think that I got these LORs by doctors that just I know or related. I am not related with them all, but I do also believe that I got the position easier because we have the same ethnicity.  I also believe that there are some people who thinks the same way too.


What should I do? Should I just ask my coworker or a dermatologist?

Both have seen my work at the health care setting, working with patients. Since my coworker is from the internal medicine office, should I get from a doctor who is in a different field?


Thank you for your help in advance. 

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Get the letter from the physician.


I understand how you might feel that you get lumped in with every other Asian in America but that's really not true. When I was overseas (I'm from Ohio), I had people ask me if I knew their friend in Chicago, etc. It's provincial thinking, but not true prejudice. 


Just be who you are; most people here will accept you exactly that way.


Good luck.

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