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Using recruiters in job search

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Guest jb555



So I am casually looking for a new job (not completely happy where I am so just waiting for a job opening to pop out at me). There are so many different listings from recruiters online and I made the mistake of applying to one and now I have various recruiters contacting me. 


My question is whether recruiters can actually be helpful and worth it. I'm worried about being taken advantage of someone who is only interested in their commission, but I've also read on here that there are areas where job openings are really only through recruiters in their area. Nothing I've seen so far online has seemed appealing and I've been on the different hospital group websites and local job searches online. 


So what are your thoughts on using recruiters - yay or nay? 



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I recently found that on a scale of 1-10, their benefit/assistance level was a 3.  I had a FP call stating that they had received my "application" and yet I had never heard of them so someone was circulating my info without my knowledge.  I was just notified yesterday that I was accepted for a VA position (salary pending, but thankfully needs aren't great and the remainder of the benefits will seal the deal), but I found this on my own.  As others have previously noted, Indeed.com seems to have current active leads; I also found HR listings at major local institutions to be helpful which resulted in several recent interviews (two still outstanding but they won't be able to beat the VA bennies).  HealthECareers.com also seems to have current postings.  DocCafe.com seemed to be outdated without a current status being discernible.  Check with local programs if any are in your area.  Bottom line, I prefer to find listings on my own.  Best of luck.

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    • By kdonlon12
      Hi - I am a new graduate who passed the PANCE June 5th. I am looking for jobs in the NY/NJ area and spend each day looking at the job boards. Are there any other suggestions for where to search out jobs? I am interested in many fields- excluding surgery. I just want to be able to get a job and get some experience so I can become more competitive. With COVID19 hitting this area so hard, I know why it is difficult at this time but would like any advice I can get (as well as any possible leads!).
      Thank you for your time.
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      Hi everyone! I’m a new grad PA who just graduated a couple months ago and I’m primarily interested in GI, Family, or Hospital Medicine. A PA who I used to shadow in Thoracic Surgery reached out to me and asked for my resume and I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a shot and see what this job is about. I just had an interview for this Thoracic surgery job and the team is willing to give me great training as a new grad. It seems great, but I’m not crazy about surgery and don’t have much procedure experience. They haven’t given me an offer yet, but I’m concerned that I won’t know what to do if they do. Should I hold out and see if I get an opportunity in specialty that I really want?  Part of me worries that if I turn this down another opportunity won’t come along...as I’ve already applied to about 15 different places the past month but haven’t heard anything back. Also how long is appropriate time to ask for before accepting an offer? 
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      I am starting to put together my resume so I can be prepared to start the job search well before graduation day. However, if I start applying to jobs prior to graduation, what do I list as my 'title' after my name? Do I list 'physician assistant' or 'physician assistant student'? The first seems disingenuous (given that I haven't yet graduated), but then listing my title as 'student' in big bold letters seems like a recipe for getting ignored...  given that I am not listing PA-C (certified) is it appropriate to use the title 'PA' without the 'certified' qualifier?
      Thanks for the insight. 
    • By padre
      Hi all,
      I am moving to Boston this summer, and I am on the job hunt. My significant other matched into residency, and we're so excited! However, I don't have a job lined up yet, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for places to look/contacts? There are so many opportunities, but I have not heard back from a single employer. I am more interested in Medicine subspecialties (I have 1.5 years experience as a Hospitalist PA). I am also open to Dermatology, Urgent Care, and some surgical specialties (plastics, maybe). We will be living in South End, but I am willing to commute.
      Hoping for any (and all) advice! 
      Thank you!
    • By quarterlengthsleeve
      I am in the process of applying for my first job. I put my resume in www.doccafe.com last week and I've had about 10 recruiters content me. I didn't do my research on what recruiters really did, but I thought it wouldn't hurt so I gave one my resume and she said she has me in a database and would start marketing me.
      My question is this: is using a recruiter a bad idea for new grad? I feel like indeed.com has a ton of job opportunities that I could apply for in the city I want to work in, so is using a recruiter even necessary?
      It sounds like a big con to using a recruiter would be that I the employer has to pay the recruiter 15-30% of what I would make in a year, in addition to my salary. But a pro would be that my resume would not just be stacked in a bunch of resumes that have been sent to the hospital/practice I applied for. 
      Have any of you used a recruiter to find a job? What are your thoughts?
      Thank you!
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