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Health care experience - how far back?

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I'm filling out my app. I have recent HCE as a medical assistant. I'm also a practice manager (same clinic). I've done some shadowing (different clinic with an MD and same clinic with a PA). I've got volunteer experience (slightly medically related and not at all medically related). I am 37 years old.


When I was in college I worked for an endoscopy center as a medical assistant (circa 1995-1996), as a quality analyst for a hospital's nursing acuity levels (1996-1997). In high school (1993-1995), I did candy striping for a hospital as well as volunteered in the anesthesia workroom and in ambulatory surgery.


I also did medical transcription in 2007-2008.


What should I include from the past experiences? All of it? None? Some?

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