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What are my chances?

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Hello everyone,


I recently took the GRE and didn't score so well. I got a 150 Q and 151 V (301 combined.) I'm more worried about the 3.0 I received on the analytical part which is very low. I know this varies by school but I would like to know if retaking the GRE just to improve my writing score is worth it. The reason I didn't do so well is because I couldn't think of good examples for the first essay questions. What are my chances with these stats?


Here are my stats:


-cGPA: ~3.5

-sGPA:~ 3.6

-biology major (graduated from a state university)

-CNA at a hospital: ~1600 hours

-first gen college student

-can speak two other languages and English isn't my primary language

-still in the process of acquiring shadowing experience


Thank you



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