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Percentage of billed independant work to get?

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Hi all,


recently made the switch to Ortho from Urgent care and loving it so far. Hospital employed, but paired up with a single doc, who I work with in clinic, and I see all patients pre-and post op.


Here are the specs on what I get right now:



97K annually plus health ins/dental/vision for minimal monthly costs, 403B, after 12months i begin my 4% annual pension (goes up 1% every 5 years of employment), and every year I get a mandatory 3% salary increase plus 1k increase for experience.

5 weeks vacay

1week CME

12 sick

7 paid holidays, plus the occasional half day when my boss feels like it.

No call. No weekends. No OR unless we have no fellow or resident available.

8:30-5:00 for the most part, occasionally stuck there later 1-2 times a month.


Pretty sweet, plus my boss is super fun and nice. Been here 5 months, and I get nothing but respect, encouragement, and thanks for my work.


About to begin seeing my own patients on my own schedule – will see all the medicare patients, plus and all non-operative patients, until their conditions warrant surgical consult (i.e. I would do injections, order EMGs, braces, splinting, etc. and then refer them to my MD when the time to discuss surgery is appropriate).


Boss mentioned, to my surprise, and pleasure, that he wanted to put together some sort of bonus structure for me for the income I bring into the practice. My last practice gave us a bonus but it was pretty ambigious, and random. One quarter youd made 600$, and another quarter youd make 6000$.


We haven’t discussed the bonus since he brought it up initially, but I will begin to see patients in May.

What’s a good percentage to ask for?

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pie in the sky


driven off collections no billed


for every Quarter (every 3 months) you get 50% of collections over your base salary x 2


so if you make 100k/yr (or 25k/quarter) you get 50% of collections over $50k per quarter - this allows them to cover you base salary and benefits (the 25k/quarter) and at the same time you get the benefit of  productivity.  I would die for that set up


but anything about 33% would be stellar




could try to get a % over the base period salary, but that might be a tough pill for the employer to swallow

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