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Patient handoff software/services

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Hello all!  A question for the room- has anyone had any experience using any commercial software/web services for patient handoff? I would like to convince my employer on the need to standardize and streamline the signout process for our busy hospital-based surgical sub-specialty service. Right now we are pretty much writing out patient info by hand onto  printed censuses,  a process that it is very time consuming and leaves too much room for errors and missed info. Did a quick  google search today and came upon a few products that look promising. Top of my list is www.edoclist.com which is the least expensive ($300/yr for 20 users). Also found e-handoff and smartsignout, but these  cost way to much for a cash-strapped acute care hospital to seriously consider. Any feedback on these products or suggestions on other products would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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