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HELP! Health Care Shadowing - how to fill this out?

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I shadowed a PA for 32 hours and need some help filling this out. Here are my questions in bold:


Volunteer Title required.gifthis would be PA-C, the title of whom I shadowed?

spacer.gifOrganization required.gifthis is the hospital he works at?

spacer.gifSupervisor required.gifwhos supervisor, his MD?

spacer.gifStart Date required.gifthe first day I shadowed?

spacer.gifFrequency required.gif Part Time Full Time Seasonal Varied Hours his job status or what??

spacer.gifHours accrued at the time of application required.giftotal hrs shadowed

spacer.gifStill Current? required.gif Yes No guessing yes?


spacer.gifDuties required.gifhis duties? should i just put his specialty or what?


Thanks in advance for any help!!!

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These questions relate to you, not the PA you're shadowing. Fill it out the same way you would on a resume for a past job you've had, although your "job" at this point is unpaid. So your title is volunteer or prospective student, your supervisor is the PA, the organization is wherever you two worked together, your duties are observation of patient care or whatever else you were able to perform during that time, etc. Unless you are still shadowing them then the position is not "current."

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I suppose you could send your applications out to those schools with March 1st deadlines, then your information would be saved (your app is only saved if you pay the fee to submit it to 1+ schools). Otherwise, yes everything will be erased and you will have to start again in April. But you can print out what you have already done :)

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Q: I applied to CASPA last year and would like to reapply. Can I carry over my information?

A: If you applied AND SUBMITTED your application to CASPA last cycle, you are eligible to have your application information imported to the new cycle. Please click the reapplicant link on the login page to proceed with creating a reapplicant account. DO NOT CLICK “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” ON THE HOME PAGE.


Q: If I began to fill out an application last year but never submitted it, can I carry over any information?

A: No. CASPA can NOT carry over any information that was not submitted last cycle. You will have to create a new account and resubmit all information.

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