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Texas College Student in need of pre-req help!

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I don't know if it's just me, but college advisors can be some of the biggest idiots. 


According to my pre-health advisors (I spoke with two of them), part of my pre reqs were two types of A&P: basic A&P for science majors AND an upper level A&P that only biology majors take. But this doesn't make any sense..


Texas has 8 PA schools and they ALL say human A&P 1&2 with a lab component, nothing about a higher level A&P. Where are they their information? Or am I wrong? But I'm pretty sure the advisors are the wrong ones.


Another thing, they want me to take a crap load of classes that aren't required. Like Biochemistry, Immunology, Advanced Anatomy, Human Physiology, etc. The hell is wrong with these people?? I'm not a science major, so I already have to the pre-reqs on top of my major classes. 


The only upper level biology classes I planned on taking are Genetics, Mirco & Cell Biology. Is all that extra stuff necessary? 


Oh, and one more thing: I thought all I needed was basic elementary statistics, but they are telling I need an upper-level statistics. So a 3000-level stats class. So prospective Texas applicants please shed some light on this, it would be much appreciated. 


I'm a year away from my B.S. in Clinical Exercise Science. A little backstory: When I first left for college I wanted to go into medicine, then I changed to information technology, then I changed to my current major because I wanted to go into physical therapy. Now I've settled on P.A. Changing majors isn't really necessary plus I'm so clase to graduating. My biggest fear isn't even the GPA/GRE part of my application. I'm smart, I know I can do the work. It's the HCE experience component I'm worried about. Schools don't really list a desired amount of experience. I just joined this site and I'm seeing you guys mention about 1000+ hours and my thought process was having a few hundred would suffice. 


If I don't get in on my first try I'm thinking of maybe being an EMT for a couple years to build up HCE. But that's worse case scenario. 


Thanks for reading. 

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U just need basic a&p and basic intro stats. I applied to all to schools, unfortunately I'm a Reapplicant because lack of Hce. The schools, including mine always want you to take the upper level division to pay more money at the university. They also like to claim it makes u more competitive, but if you've taken other upper level science courses u should be fine. For example, I was a neuro major and they wanted me to take upper lvl a&p and stats, it's ridiculous, I took most of my prerequisite at a community college, call the admissions office of the schools and they will state that as long as it's under the correct department you should be fine.

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