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New Pre-Requisite Search Tool for Applying to PA School!

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Hi everyone! 


Check out this new tool for Pre-PA students!  You can search by entering a combination of Classes, Credit Hours, CASPA, GRE, GPA.  Enter in all the criteria you plant to fulfill or have fulfilled, and a list will populate of schools you are eligible to apply to!  Very easy to use and will save you hundreds of hours trying to find what schools you should apply to.


Please click the link to try it out! 




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Hello Everyone!


There have been a few improvements to the site such as:


- The site has been verified through a third party! ( See the seal at the bottom of each page)


Increased speed when returning search results!


Money Back Guarantee for any unsatisfied paid subscribers! 


* I am working on a profile page next, so you can save your searches. 


Remember, just by changing one class you could double the amount of schools you can apply to.  


I recommend to apply to a minimum of 10 schools.  Although this may seem expensive, it is worth it in the end.  If a student did not get into school the first year, it would cost them $100,000 in salary by (2016), plus benefits, 401k, etc.  It only makes sense to apply, apply, apply!  


Allow yourself to have options, by applying to multiple schools. 


Please visit the site today!




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