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Help! In need of job search advice.

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I have been doing short term contract work away from my hometown Milwaukee WI. Now my job contract is ending shortly and I want a full time permanent job in Milwaukee. I have been putting my resume out there but I have been getting rejection letters.


Does anyone know of a good staffing agency or recruiters in Milwaukee WI?


Has anyone have any experience with "cold calling"? Did you send letters or visit the clinic or just called them by phone? How did you decide which clinics to advertise yourself as a job applicant?


Please send any advice or suggestions my way. I have put this post in the state specify forum also. Thank you very much in advance.

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Wisconsin Physician Assistant Positions: http://www.hospitalrecruiting.com/jobs/Physician-Assistant-Jobs/Wisconsin/


HospitalRecruiting.com offers Wisconsin Physician Assistant jobs posted by in-house recruiters only.  I would recommend giving your best effort without a recruiting firm's assistance because sometimes the high fees firms charge can work against you.  

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Sorry, Have not graduated yet but I am interested to see how this worked out for you. I am from Milwaukee and HOPE to relocate there. How is the market? How did your situation end up? Hope it turned out well... Anywho, would like to hear your experience and feedback so I can make the right moves when I head back to Wisconsin. Kinda hoping the G.B. Area is prime.

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