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I am undergraduate student in college, hoping to graduate may 2015 and I am interested in the UTMB program. I just looked through their prerequisite needed. I am taking Human physiology this semester  but my school doesn't offer stand alone Human anatomy, so i don't know if i can combined the stand alone Physiology with A&P I. Also i haven't taken Psychology elective, immunology, and genetics( will take them in the fall and spring semester). I volunteer at a hospital five hours a week and have about 40 hours.

My overall GPA is 3.3 and my sgpa is 3.23. Please is advisable to apply with  pre-requisites pending or i should just wait and apply 2015 for for class entering 2016 with all my prerequisites completed?


Thank you.

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Hey Jumai!

So I can't find any info about if UTMB has a listed number of prereqs that can be marked as "in progress," but I do know a few other programs recommend no more than one or two. 

Generally, the more you have done by application submission, the better the program can get a feel for your academic ability. I'm not sure what your specific situation is, but if you're in a situation where next fall you'd only have a couple left I would apply this coming cycle and see if the program would accept updates (either through CASPA or directly).

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