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I made the mistake of specializing too soon, now what?!

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I couldn't resist it.  Right out of school, I was offered a great salary at a job I already knew.  I went to work at the clinic I had worked at as a medical assistant before PA school where we did abortions and birth control.  I got paid very well for it and did only that for 10 years.  Now, I left because I had 2 kids and don't want the long commute anymore.  How can I broaden my horizons now?  I would be happy in virtually any other field -- primary care, derm, peds, urgent care, ortho, etc.


I'm due to take PANRE in 2014 or 2015.  So, I'm thinking I'll take some time to study hard for it to hopefully not just pass, but do well, so that I can show the category breakdown to potential employers and at least prove that I am book smart.  Also thinking of taking another Spanish class to be able to add that as a job skill to make myself more marketable.


Any other ideas?

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you certainly have skills that translate to working in an obgyn practice. if you do well on panre you should be ok for an entry level position in primary care as well. there is always the option of completing switching paths and doing a residency in your desired specialty of choice....www.appap.org

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Considering op seems to already know she won't get a similar job closer and maybe even wants to do something else, your comment adds nothing.


As to answer the original question. You were a PA for ten years already... you have lots of experience in medicine and treating patients. Primary care would work in that regard. What you need to bring to the table is knowledge of the most recent primary care guidelines (diabetes, htn, lipids, etc). You just need to find a place that appreciates your past and is willing to get you comfortable in the new position.

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I suggest the mods close this thread as nothing productive or helpful to the OP has been posted here in several days, and JohnnyM2 seems to want to stir things up. He knows perfectly well what he posted (deleted post #2) that was inappropriate. I refuse to be drawn into it any further.


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