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Preparation for Pharmacology

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Hi everyone! I am preparing myself early for pharm and was wondering if anyone of you could make some recommendations in how to study pharm? Tips, tricks, books etc  JA5y0mR.gif

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1) Watch Youtube videos of molecular pathways. 2) Visualize the pathways in 3 dimensions compared to 2D figures you see in text books.


Also, there is not only one ligand that binds to one receptor. There are MANY LIGANDS TO MANY RECEPTORS that conduct pathways. If you think one miniscule protein affects your nervous system or endocrine system, you are wrong.


Good luck!

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Pharm, you love it or hate it....I think it's a festering pile of suck....it is what it is.  You can look at some things before hand, but I think you should just learn it as they teach it in class. 


Here are some things that I have done....I am doing well in pharm.


As far as trying memorize pathways....that's good, but stick to general types.  You want a general understanding of the principles.  Remember, you are not going to school to be a pharmacist.  Don't get bogged down in the minutia.


Do pay attention when they are covering the CYP-450 interactions.  If you can understand why this is important, it will help you understand drug-drug interactions a lot better.


I use classification charts and group drugs in families....this gives me a visual. 


Other than that, you will have to get used to memorizing large amounts of material.


Congrats and good luck

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