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practice board questions

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(I also posted this in the student section but I feel it's probably more appropriate here.  Sorry for the double posting!)


Hey guys,


I'm new to the forums here but  along-time lurker.  I'm a practicing PA and I've begun to study for my upcoming boards.  I find that doing small amounts fo daily studying better fits my schedule and just "sticks" better than cramming for long sessions.  I love practice board questions, too, because I find them to be the most effeciant way to learn a lot of material with minimal effort.


Anyway, I have created an Instagram account where I will be posting daily practice board questions in the hopes that others can learn with me.  There is no fee, I'm not selling anything and there is no bias to any of the information given.  I'm going to be doing this anyway so I hope I can help a few others out along the way.  I also thought that if I had a lot of followers studying along with me, then it would give me extra motivation to create a few extra questions every day.


My Instagram account is called "medicalboardreview" and I hope this helps out even a few of you guys!




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