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I'm a 3rd semester PA student taking adult primary care medicine. Would it be helpful for me to start Kaplan pance q bank? Are there any other sources (preferably cheaper) that provide practice questions by topic/system? How about usmle step 2 questions? Our first exam for the class is coming up and as you can probably tell I'm having a bit of anxiety. Any advice welcome.

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I'm a 3rd semester PA student taking adult primary care medicine. Would it be helpful for me to start Kaplan pance q bank? Are there any other sources (preferably cheaper) that provide practice questions by topic/system? How about usmle step 2 questions? Our first exam for the class is coming up and as you can probably tell I'm having a bit of anxiety. Any advice welcome.

Hey you can check out my site:



Its a work in progress but everything is free. Trying to just give back as much as possible. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Goodluck w your studies.





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As other people said, there are a TON of good books out there.  I find that Q&A are the best way for me to learn, personally, and that's all I studied and passed my boards on the first try. 


Having said that, check out my Instagram "medicalboardreview".  I post lots of practice board questions that come straight out of Kaplan, Lange, USMLE, PACKRAT, etc.  It's completely free and a project I'm doing to help motivate myself.  

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      Prior experience in Dermatology a plus
      Promoting a peaceful, professional atmosphere. 
      Triaging patients and maintaining flow from waiting area to exam rooms. 
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      Claiming to primarily teach you through "exposure", for example, throwing you into the ER without any dedicated rotations or lectures, with maybe lower expectations on how many patients you'll see. You're basically working with lower expectations, and much much lower pay.  Through a PA contracting company & not a university/training hospital. Possible that they're only interested in having low-paying PAs while claiming to give you extra training  Excessive amount of research requirements. Ex: At least 10 hours per week on research, writing articles/case studies, poster presentations, clinical trials, QI studies, etc.  Salary <$50k. One of the fellowships I was accepted to is in one of the most expensive cities in the US and paid about $40k, which was alarming - but this might be normal? I've read that some people have salaries anywhere from 40k - 80k, so I wasn't sure what a reasonable salary amount would be.  Not eligible for the CAQ exam afterwards  Anything else? 🙂
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