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SEMPA elections 2014

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Good morning everyone,


SEMPA elections start today, and I am running for a director-at-large position on the board.  Many of y'all who post here have met me personally, and I hope that I will be able to advocate for you to the SEMPA board.  My position statement is available on the ballot.  I ask that you support me for election to the board with your vote.  


Another PA Forumite is also running for re-election to the board as a director-at-large, and I ask you give him your support with your other director-at-large vote.  He is truly a great guy who continues to push the boundaries of what PA's are doing in emergency medicine and will continue his great work on the SEMPA board.  


Please support Kevin and I this year as your future director-at-large's.  

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Thanks Matt; you beat me to the punch with the co-endorsement!


As Matt said, I am running for a second term on the SEMPA board as a director at large.  The past two years have been an amazing learning experience, and it has been a privilege to work alongside some folks who are doing great things to advance the EM PA community.  I would love to have the chance to continue working for my fellow EM PA's.


I have gotten to know Matt Boutte outside of the virtual world of the PA forum, and I couldn't think of a better advocate for our profession.  I hope that he can count on all of your votes, and hopefully we will have the opportunity to serve together on the board this year!

-Kevin Burns, EMT-P, PA-C

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