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Hi! Sorry for the late response, I lost hope after a couple of days of not seeing any responses so I stopped checking! So glad to see someone who is attending! 


Friday would work well for me. I am not from the area though, so all I really know is that I am staying off of I-82 on Valley Mall Blvd. On a map, The road you said Starbucks is on seems nearby. I should be in town by 4 PM or so. Would sometime after that work for the both of you?


I assume you both are from the area? Any insight as to what the day will be like? I am wondering what that "team activity" will be!

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I am also interviewing at Heritage on Feb 22nd and would be interested in meeting with you all on Friday. In case anything changes, My number is 530 521 8034.


So glad to hear from another fellow interviewee! =)


Are you from the area? What kind of background do you come from? I'll be sending my number via private message to both of you. 

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I am not from the area, I am currently living in Portland, OR. My background info includes :

Gonzaga University - B.S Biology/Research

Work experience- surgical pathology lab asst. and I am currently employed as an EMT Basic


Thanks for replying! Will do you be driving into town? 


I'm from Chicago, attended University of Illinois - Health Information Management. Currently work as a health advisory consultant but have experience as a medical assistant, surgical scrub, biometric screener and pharm tech. I'm looking forward to coming out to PNW, it's going to be my first time! 


Any insight as to what the interview day will be like? I wonder what the team building activity will be like.... 

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I just learned about this program. I know the academic coordinator. Nice guy. pretty strong EM PA. we worked together at another pa program about 15 years ago.

good luck to everyone applying . the rural focus on rotations at critical access hospitals sounds excellent.

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Wondering if anyone has any information/tips about this program in terms of applicants they are interested in and general interview information...


My husband and I will likely be relocating to the Yakima area from Bellingham WA and after being denied by MEDEX for the past 2 cycles I am SO EXCITED there is another option in Washington state, not to mention the focus on working in rural area! very cool.


I plan on attending an info session asap but won't be able to for quite a while and am curious regarding their last few classes, what other applicants experiences have been, etc.

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Some of my schools wanted a letter from a professor, and said PA or MD, not both.  Needing a PA, MD, supervisor, AND professor added up to 4 LORs, so I had to submit the one from an MD directly to Heritage since I already had 3 others in CASPA.    It wouldn't be a problem if you have an MD or PA as a supervisor and can count that for both requirements.  

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Has anyone finished their supplemental for Heritage? I am having difficulty getting past the pre-req section because it requires me to put something into the statistics/algebra category but it has 2 spots.... but we only need one... But then I can't continue forward without entering 2! Frustrated. Anyone have guidance?

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