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BMT offer vs LGBT/HIV Medicine Offer

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I need help making my decision.  I have been working as a hospitalist for 14 months at a Manhattan hospital.  Primary responsibilities: Medical Admitting PA (sit at a computer looking through recently admitted patient's charts deciding whether or not they need a teaching team vs non teaching team, then giving sign out to the proper team. 12 hour shift- 8 shifts per month).  Along with this role, we do ED admissions (12 hour shifts, 5 shifts per month) with an opportunity to do moonlighting ED admissions at a rate of $75/hr (12 hour shift).  In February, we have been told that we will be moved to the "floor", havinga "workload" of patients to care for during the day. I have no idea how many patients.  Been told the shift will be 10 hours (8a-6p). And with this we will be responsible for doing 2-3 POMAs (pre-op medical assessments).


Current Job Deets:


13 required shifts per month

Additional opportunity for moonlighting shifts (12 hour shifts) rate: $75/hr


NO CME money (they have grand rounds that I can attend in the hospital)

28 days PTO

Medical Insurance (for the family) (I pay about $440/month)

401K (I haven't signed up for yet)-bad me!


BMT offer at same hospital:


Outpatient setting working 4- 10hr shifts with one guarenteed day off per week (about 3 months training)

**after about 9 months, may have me rotating through inpatient BMT 3-12 hour shifts, requires 6 months of training

81K/yr (considered a lateral transfer because I have less than 2 years here and not considered a "senior PA" yet) and I've asked twice to have that # raised (they will not)

NO CME money

28 days PTO

Medical Insurance



LGBT/HIV Medicine offer: outpatient


In Manhattan/2 days per week in NJ (until they can find someone to be based in NJ)

Very small office (I mean very small..it's Manhattan)

Not sure if it is 5 or 6 days per week (will clarify that)

80K, and after 6 months of "satisfactory" performance, will raise salary to 85K/yr

unlimited sick time plus 2 weeks vacation per year

Health insurance (help me figure this one out!):


They will pay on my behalf the total amount of benefits paid for a single person, which is currently $11,134.52. I can choose the benefits that I'd like, and they will set up a section 135 pre-tax salary deduction for me to contribute the rest of the cost of premiums. The deductible is put into a Health Savings Account on my behalf (and I am free to contribute to it as well). For my information, the breakdown and totals are pasted below:
Benefits for each single employee for 2014:

Health insurance premiums are 7898.52

Health insurance deductible is 2000

Dental insurance premiums are 1236

TOTAL: $11,134.52

Cost for a family for 2014:

Health insurance premiums are 25045.56

Health insurance deductible is 4000

Dental insurance premiums are 3947.88

TOTAL: $32,993.44

Difference:  21858.92
Which job/offer seems the most reasonable?  What else can I negotiate?  I've already asked for more $$ for BMT and they said no due to my "lack of years on the job".  I haven't negotiated with the LGBT medicine yet.  Obviously need to clarify how many days per week and that health insurance...
Thanks for your help!



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in my opinion these are both substandard offers as is your current position.

no cme? paying for health care coverage?

are you stuck in the NYC area for some reason? my first job as a pa almost 20 yrs ago offered a bit less money but much better benefits and a better schedule.

maybe it's an east coast vs west coast thing but I have never seen a position offered out here which did not cover 100% of health expenses(medical/dental/vision) for the PA and all of their dependents.

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Thank you for your input.  The hospital jobs does offer family health benefits.  The outpt job only pays for me, and I have to pay for the family (and I carry the family health benefits right now).  Every job that I have interviewed here in NYC/Brooklyn has offered about the same. No higher than 81K, and the outpt places do NOT offer family health insurance.  Oh and yes, we plan on staying in the NYC area for now.  Does my lack of years on the job really play a lot into this? (14 months as a PA-graduated in May 2012).

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How can I negotiate this salary?  All of the PA salary reports look like they are median income for who knows how many years experience?  What do I have to go off of?

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I ended up waiting to make my decision and lo and behold, they camelback and offered me more $$!! I accepted the position. I am in training now on the inpatient side for about 6 months. Then I will train in outpatient with 3 month rotations of inpatient and outpatient.

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Congrats on negotiating a better salary. :). You might be making more than me at my FT position ;) ... and I have a few years on you (though salary is not the ONLY reason why I am still there).


That is the highest moonlighting rate I've heard for medicine (don't know specifically for BMT) PAs with 0-2 years experience in NYC (and possibly the metro area) unless those shifts count as overtime and 1.5x the regular rate? Regardless still an excellent rate from what I personally know of. Previously, I heard from a colleague (again 0-2 yrs exp) $60/hr per diem at an LI hospital close to Queens as the high rate that I knew of.


I work in NYC and from my personal discussions with PAs with 0-2 years medicine experience make 70k (a Bronx hospital) to low 80s.


If you don't mind me asking, how much did they go up?

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From my previous position to BMT, it was a 7K jump.  I thought it was a good deal.  And I really like what I'm doing now. :)  Although looking to relocate to another state because the COL is just too overwhelming here.  Can't take it anymore!

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