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Searching for PA shadowing opportunities in Jacksonville, FL

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I am looking for any PA shadowing opportunities in the Jacksonville, FL area. I am currently only going to school and not working so I have plenty of time to shadow and gain lots of experience. This is a career change for me so any type of PA shadowing would be awesome in helping me determine a specialty.

Thanks for checking my post, PM me or contact joshua.s.wiseman@hotmail.com for leads.


Thank you,

Have a great day!


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    • By Briannaarroyo
      I am president of the Pre-PA club at SFSU. I am looking for shadowing opportunities here in the Bay Area. If the PA allows, I would like to share this opportunity to my club to shadow during the breaks at SFSU. Please feel free to reach out to me on here or you can follow us/DM us @sfsuppas 
    • By EddyG
      I am a pre-pa student looking for any shadowing opportunities in Las Vegas! Any field/specialization is good, I have some experience shadowing medical students in a family clinic, but that's it as far as shadowing goes. My schedule is flexible and I'll do my best to accommodate to your time/availability.
    • By LeeMichelle
      Hello all, 
      My name is Michelle, an aspiring Physician Assistant. I am currently working on my CASPA application, and I would like to ask for your help. I am in need of a PA shadowing opportunity in the Los Angeles area. I have been reaching out to different websites and hospitals for an opportunity, but I've always been turned down. I hope you can help me find this opportunity. Thank you!    
    • By ndiehl87
      Hello all,
      I am a very motivated prospective Physician Assistant student looking to shadow a willing PA in order to further my understanding of the requirements to be a successful PA. Those who know me would describe me as a hard-worker, avid learner, and a medical professional who is great with patients. Currently, I'm a state licensed EMT, published author, and medical scribe (please see my attached resume). My diverse medical experience already includes: Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Pulmonary, and Orthopedics...However, any specialty would be wonderful and greatly appreciated! 
      If interested, please shoot me a PM or email at ndiehl@jacksonville.edu.
      With gratitude,
      -Nathan Diehl
      Nathan Diehl EMT Resume.docx
    • By cariad
      There is a PA available for shadowing in Orlando and she works in Primary Care Medicine .  You can find her profile here    http://pamentoronline.com/mentors/      Just select 'PA Shadowing' under 'Our Services' to schedule a shadowing appointment.
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