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Pacific University Class of 2016!

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hey guys I was accepted to USC back in December and I interviewed for pacific months ago but was put on the wait list at 42nd so I stuck with it but kinda wrote it off thinking I wouldn't get accepted. but I got the call today and am torn between USC and pacific. I live in Beaverton so not having to move would be a plus. all of my friends and family are here as well. plus USC is a three year versus a two. At the same time I think it would be a fresh start to get down to LA. I don't have a wife or any kids so nothing holding me back necessarily. I don't know what to do I only have two days to decide. does anyone have any advice to help out? I know the final decision will come down to me and how this affects my life but your words could have an impact on that decision. if sounds like people are generally impressed with pacific. if anyone wants to text or call that'd be cool too 541-261-6930. thanks in advance



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Tuition alone would be a deal breaker for USC.  $136,806 vs $73,374.  If you add in the cost of living differences between LA and Beaverton and it skews even more in Pacific's favor.  Where do you want to work upon graduation?  Do you want to live in SoCal (which has a pretty saturated market unless you want community health primary care) after graduation?  I can understand wanting to try something new, so take advantage of Pacific's varied clinical rotation sites and travel all over the US and get an international rotation to boot.  If you want an extra year of training do a residency and get paid for it; the training will be better and it will have a greater impact on your employability.  Don't get me wrong, USC is a great program, I had the opportunity to do a trauma rotation there before heading to Afghanistan; however, I would take Pacific hands down in this situation, and I am not just saying that because I am going there.

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Hey All:)



I was recently admitted to the class of 2016 and was looking to see if anyone was still seeking a roommate or roommates?


The students in the class before us had a lot of great ideas for how to live affordably in the area, one of which was splitting a house.


I was just curious as to options for living people had found.


I might be interested in finding a place on my own too but wondered which area would be wisest to do so.


Any insight or updates on what you all are planning, I'd greatly appreciate it:) Look forward to meeting you all!



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Hi Class of 2016! Congratulations, hope everyone is excited! :)

I'm from the 2015 class, and I just wanted to let you guys know of a housing option if anyone is still looking.  I have a 3 bedroom apartment in Hillsboro, which is a block from the MAX stop (only 6 stops from school).  It's been super convenient, and is right down the road from Tanasbourne (which has everything you could possibly need...and more haha).

I will be leaving for rotations June 16, but can give up my room before that.  My two roommates will be staying (both employed, respectful, and great).  My room is the master with its own huge bathroom and closet; also, if anyone needs a bed or desk, I can either leave mine or move them!  My portion of the rent is $500 + utilities/internet (usually $40-60 depending on winter heater use).

Here is the website for the apartment if you want to check it out...also totally recommend this place if groups of you guys are just looking for your own place.  http://www.meadowsatheroncr.com/

If you're interested or just have any questions about anything, feel free to email me!

PA-S, Pacific University 2015

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Hi all, 


Congrats on making the Class of 2016! I'm sure everyone is excited as I was last year. 


I'm also from the 2015 class (like Bri :) ) and the place I'm currently staying at is available for lease transfer. It's a single one-bedroom apartment in Beaverton, right next to Beaverton Transit Station. The location is really convenient because it's one direct MAX ride from PDX (no transfer needed). Its about 20-25 mins MAX ride (one single line) to the campus and 15 minutes drive to Portland downtown. There are also a lot of shops within the walking distances including Fred Meyer, Trader Joe's, Starbucks, and Asian Markets. The community is really safe and quite (there is a police station right next to the community) and all of the neighbors are great. The current rent is $795/mo on month to month contract. I will be calling the apartment manager and ask about the 12month lease rate and I will let you guys know. 


Feel free to email me at wang9517@pacificu.edu if you are interested or have questions about anything. 


I'm also selling most of my furnitures: bed, mattress, closets, desk and chairs, sofa bed. Let me know if you are interested in checking out the furnitures too. 




PA-S, Pacific University 2015

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Hi everyone!


I also got accepted as well! 


I wonder if this forum is still active?


I'll be flying in from Hawaii and I've only been to Oregon that one time for the interview so if any one would like to share their experiences (such as housing and environment-I heard it rains a LOT) it would be much appreciated! :)


Also, I had a couple of other interviews but Pacific's staff and faculty really left an impression on me and I'm really glad Pacific decided to chose me :) They seemed to very determined and committed to help students and the atmosphere was very welcoming and warm. 


See you all in May!


Thank you,


Hi Anna, 


What part of Hawaii are you from? I will be coming from Hawaii as well and will enter the 2015 Summer term. I wanted to know how did you find housing when you first arrived? I will be arriving in May! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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