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Hi, all. So, I'm interested in applying to Quinnipiac for the September deadline this year. On the admissions website, it says


"The most competitive applicants should possess at a minimum: ... A minimum of one year (2,000 hours) direct patient care experience in the U.S. health care system"


I probably won't have 2,000 hours by the application deadline-- I'll probably have 1500-1700, working as a volunteer EMT, plus a GPA of 3.8. I took the admissions website to mean that a lower number of hours was a ding on the application, but would still be considered, but heard from a fellow EMT that QU won't really consider applicants that have fewer than 2000 hours of experience.


So, it's third-hand information, but enough to freak me out. Any feedback from people who've been admitted, or people who have been to the info sessions. (I'm signed up for the next one, in March) Thanks so much in advance! 

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It depends on the applicant pool. It is true that they emphasize patient contact hours. I applied there in the last application cycle, and was told that they did not interview anyone with less than 2000 hours that year, but that in years past they had interviewed a few depending upon the strength of the overall applicant pool. 

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I had roughly 1100 hours of direct-patient care going into the current application cycle. Quinnipiac was the only school that flat-out rejected me (no interview offered). I imagine that it was because of my patient care hours, but did not receive a response from Admissions when I asked for an application review. The rest of my stats (GPA, recommendations, essay, GRE... though not required) were very strong. 


Something to think about: QU does not utilize a supplemental application. So, your CASPA is all they have to go by when selecting applicants for interviews. In my opinion, this makes patient contact hours all the more important. 

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I went to their open house this summer and they said that pt hours were extremely important and it depends on the app pool. They told us that last year they accepted some people who had around 1500 or even less so long as they kept working until the year started. But it depends on the app pool.

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Hi, I have 1900 patient care hours and already submitted my CASPA, which is kind of sad that I'm only 100 under 2000, but they said I can update them over the summer so I am hopeful that the updates help.

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Hey guys


I am a 3rd yr QU student looking to finish up this summer.


The program wants to create a class that is cohesive and complete, so you can expect to see students with next to nothing for clinical experience and students with a lot. I personally had 5500 hrs, while some in my class were well over that (full time paramedics for many yrs). I know that sounds like a put off but please don't let that discourage you. As I said the class experience ranges widely.


The things I thought were inportant when piecing my application together were:

1) strong GPA (3.6)

2) Pt care hrs (5500 hrs)

3) community service (150 hrs) PS QU has a huge emphasis on community service so if thats the sort of thing that puts you out, don't apply here.

4) Shadowing exp (50 hrs)

5) an eclectic background (backpacking guide/forestry).

In no way does this refelect what QU is looking for or expecting. I just thought it was the things I should focus on. I had not taken GREs when I was accepted  (If I was not accepted taking the GREs was part of my plan on how to improve for the next go round)


Quinnipiac is a great PA school and the programming is rigorous. The PAs who graduate from here are well regarded (I'm told).


Feel free to ask any questions. I cannot promise that I will respond in a timely fashion as I am rarely on this site but i will try to revisit.


Unfortunately going through the stress of applications is part of the process but if you are truly committed then actually getting into school is only a bump in the road on your journey to becoming a great PA. 


Take care and good luck with your upcoming applications! 

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