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Guest rodenbar

I was planning on, and am in the process of applying, to UND's PA program. About one month ago, my clinical preceptor and site had to retract the comittment to my clinicals because their facility got bought out by a different facility which has agreements with local PA and Medical Schools. Applications are due in about two weeks for the start date in 2015, and I am now missing the biggest and most important aspect. This is basically an SOS for me, does anyone out there have a clinical preceptor that would be willing to take on a student in 2016, and sign my preceptor agreement?


I know this is a lot to ask, considering no one has met me. I have been in healthcare for 7 years and have references available if anyone needs them. I curently live in Wisconsin, but am willing to go anywhere I need to for the clinical portions.


Can anyone help?


Preceptor agreement is due Oct 1st 2014, so time is against me.......


Anthony R. BA, RT®(MR)(ARRT)

Turville Bay MRI and Radation Oncology Center

Madison WI


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Hello Rachel,

We began hearing back from UND about interviews in late October. I think I got an email about an interview Oct 22. You'll get an email either way, so if you havnt heard anything then they have not sent anything out. The interviews are conducted through a Skype type of program some time in November and they send acceptance/ rejection letters mid December.


Good luck!



Class of 2016

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