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Several threads have touched on the availability and cost of apartments in Midland, TX. This information is scattered throughout all of these threads, so I decided to start a new thread specifically about housing availability and costs. I invite anybody add housing information here that might be helpful to our class/ future classes.


Its true that housing in Midland is very expensive, especially compared to other cities in Texas. I just returned from a road trip to Midland, and wanted to let everyone know what I found. First of all, there is no lack of apartment space in midland. There at TONS of apartment complexes. Unfortunately, there is so much demand that it exceeds the ample supply and costs are high anyway. The way I see it, there are several tiers of apartments available. There are some very new units (I call these tier 1), which include The Palms and Blue Ridge. These apartments are gated, full service communities which supply washer and dryer in the unit, health facilities, very nice pool facilities, BBQ's, and a business center, all available for use at no additional cost. They are beautifully appointed with stainless steel appliances, granite, fire places and other amenities. There are not a lot of these communities.


Tier 2 includes dozens of other apartment complexes.  Some apartments include garages, some have pools, some have refrigerators (but some do not),and some have microwaves. Typically, these apartments were built in the 1970's or 1980's. Some of the tier 2 apartments have been mentioned in other threads. I reviewed at least a half dozen of them, and looked at least another dozen online, but there are too many to discuss them individually here, and anyone who has information about individual apartments may want to post it. Its interesting that if you look at apartment reviews for midland, most of these tier 2 apartments receive fairly bad reviews. But looking at them myself, I don't think they deserve it. Presumably, unhappy people are most likely to post a review than happy tenants. But I will say, they all leave something to be desired.


Some of you have also mentioned in other threads that you cannot get an apartment confirmed with less than 60 days notice. This is true because the apartment complexes require 60 days notice from tenants who are leaving. You can put your name on a waiting list, but, that's likely to get lost in "the mill." What I found is that you actually NEED to submit an application and pay the application fee, and then contact the rental agent and let them know you submitted it, but are not looking an apartment 0-60 days out, but rather starting the beginning of May. I just don't think that saying you want an apartment there gets their attention.


Tier 3 is everything else that most of us probably don't want to end up occupying.


What was interesting is that the prices of the tier 1 apartments are basically the SAME as the tier 2 apartments, and in some cases, less expensive. As far as I can tell, one reason is that the tier 1 apartments are fairly exclusive and don't allow people with poor credit, felonies, multiple DWIs or other black marks on their personal or financial record.


Presumably, in the vast market for apartments, there are many who don't have clean backgrounds and given the demand, the tier 2 apartments can charge them whatever they want. The next thing I found out, is what some of you have mentioned in other threads, is that for PA students going to Midland College, it helps to stay north of Wadley Avenue. The further South you go, the more you get into "old town" Midland. Midland is growing rapidly along the North 250 Loop corridor. This is where all the shopping, restaurants, best apartments and everything else seem to be. Between North 250 Loop and Wadley is also good, but the closer you can be to 250, the better access you have to all of the above, and the school itself.


I settled on a brand new complex called The Palms, as mentioned above. It is right behind Walmart, has a resort style pool, a nicely equipped workout facility, a tenants lounge with pool table :) a big screen TV, a business center. It is gated and provides options for garages, covered parking and open parking. I was able to get pricing on a 2 bedroom, 2 bath which includes a 1 car garage for 1,695.00-1795.00/ month, plus water, electricity and cable. I have submitted an application and the rental agent was confident that I would be able to get one of these units in early May. On that note, I need a roommate. I am looking for a female roommate from the program, non-smoker, no pets. If  you would like to consider sharing this apartment, please sent me an email and lets arrange to Skype/ meet to discuss arrangements. What I love about the place I found, is that everything is brand new, there is nothing I foresee needing, and the price is better than most the tier 2 apartments!! Honestly, there is so much we will be worrying about with school alone, and comfort of living is NOT something I want to worry about. I hope this helps some of you and look forward to hearing from some of you girls who are for sure attending the PA program. I look forward to meeting everyone in May!! I'll be checking this thread daily to see what information other people have found. Good luck!

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Hopefully, no one who read the opening post thought there was a lot of space available. The sooner you get on a wait list, the better. Those accepted late from the wait list especially need to jump on it. BTW, a complex may require a refundable deposit to get on the wait list and you should stay in touch with appartment management to make sure they are checking the wait list before renting to a walk in.


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Hi everyone! Congrats to everyone that's accepted! I got my acceptance email on Tuesday and started looking for apartments already since I heard it can sometimes be a pain to find housing in Midland. After researching, the two main places that caught my eye were The Palms and Blue Ridge Apartments. They have great amenities, brand new appliances, and both are close to campus. I'm planning on making a trip up there within the next month to see all the apartments in person. However, I'm still looking for a roommate. If anyone is interested, please email me at asridhar03@gmail.com. I am looking for a female from the program, non-smoker, no pets. Look forward to hearing from y'all and can't wait to meet everyone! 

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I was told by the apartments I called that there were no wait lists and that I needed to call back  2 months before I plan to move to see if anything will be opening.


Shannyncarey this is true too. For example, I filled out a small form on some personal information for blue ridge apartments but this does not count as a waiting list. The woman I spoke to, Stephanie, recommends I call back monthly to see what has become available. Whenever there is something available, she lets you know, and basically she expects you to fill out an application and pay a fee at that time, and the first person to tie that down (she says really try to get stuff in within 24 hours of that opening) gets the apartment! I believe most apartment complexes are like this. The only one I found that did a waiting list was The Palms and I paid a refundable $100 fee.

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Does anyone know how I can find 2 roommates to share my 3 bedroom 2 bath house in Midland (Loop 250 & Hwy 191)?

You just made a good start. Why not start a new thread under your school and state that you are looking for roommates.


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