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Solo Coverage Rural ED Fellowship Graduate

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I'm seriously considering a solo coverage rural job in the west when I complete my fellowship in 6 months. I have 5 yrs experience (3 in EM) as a PA plus 1 yr fellowship at level I trauma center. They offered me $75/hr plus fully paid health insurance and 3k CME allowance. 144 hrs/ month minimum. (12 12 hr shift). There is a general surgeon and anesthesia on call 24/7. 25 ppd volume. Pretty advanced little hospital. All electronic. Telemedicine link to sister ED that is a level I center where I can get MD support as needed.


I currently make 80-90/hr where I am when I moonlight. I can make that perm if I stay here but don't want to. Need to get closer to family for multiple reasons. So what is your opinion? Fair compensation at $75/hr? I don't think so. Especially to work solo. Essentially saving them huge over MD coverage. I realize its a different area of the country (west of the Rockies). Opinions please??

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75 /hr with full benefits is fair in my opinion for low volume/high acuity solo coverage. that is $129,600 for 12 days of work/mo which easily puts you in the top 5% of PA salaries nationally. I have made more before but not working 12 days/mo. most I ever made was 150k working 22 shifts/mo. It wasn't worth it.

I have a similar job at a similar wage. lots of down time to sleep, eat, study, etc with a fair # of sick folks and some interesting procedures. I usually sleep through the night or maybe see one pt.

pm me for more info if you want to discuss further. docs at this place only get 90/hr as the volume is so low so PAs making a bit less is fair in this circumstance. also the shifts are long, 12s or 24s so you can work fewer days/mo and have more downtime.

consider that most west coast em pa positions pay 45-55/hr with full benefits unless you are somewhere really unpleasant where you can get 65/hr so 75/hr is significantly better than you would find in most places. I know there are solo jobs on the east coast(vermont, maine, etc ) that pay 85-95/hr or so per diem but that is there and this is here.

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