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Negotiating student loan repayment

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Sorry, reposting in hopes that someone else is on this forum, despite the upcoming holidays and can answer this for me :)


I am 1 year out as a family practice PA, and will be interviewing as 2 practices next week (one is a endocrinology practice, and one is a geriatric practice). As some of you know, I am just not happy with the experience (or lack of) I gained this year at my current practice..


I really, really need to somehow get my new employer to help me out with paying my student loan debt, since I cant seem to get into a federal program where I live. Both practices seem to be great organizations with competitive salary. I would be willing to take 10 or 20k less salary if they would just use it to pay my loan back. My question is....


How do I negotiate this, and how much should I ask for ?!


Does anyone have experience with their employers paying back a chunk of their loan debt?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




       broke PA

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