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PAFT update

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Just a taste of our recent newsletter...join up at www.pasfortomorrow.com to see the rest!

PAFT has not been quiet, and you have not been forgotten!

Over the last six months we have done much.
Just a few of the things we have accomplished:

  • PAFT produced a new Patient Education brochure,  accurately describing PA practice.  That brochure is FREE to every PA and is ready for you to print out and use. Click here to see our brochure
  • PAFT authored the first Position Statement on the "Highest Level" of PA practice.
    Click here to see the statement
  • PAFT entered into discussion with other professional groups. One was to American Academy of Family Physicians, whose President-Elect publicly made negative remarks about PAs. PAFT authored a credible rebuttal. Click here to see the letter
  • PAFT authored over sixty letters to editors and articles championing PAs as a solution in modern healthcare delivery.
  • PAFT worked with the AAPA and AFPPA in opposition to the AMA resolution to restrict PA practice.
  • PAFT continues to work on your behalf,  supporting legislation allowing our profession to provide home health services for our patients.
  • We advocated the delay in implementing CMS rules requiring physician co-signature on orders and face-to-face visit documentation policy for many Durable Medical Equipment items that PAs have been able to order without physician cosignature since 1997.
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