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Just turned in my app for the Fall of 2012 professional phase. I have my pre-reqs almost completed even though a I had to retake a few due to earlier indiscretions in my academic career. I also have over 10,000 hours of HCE as an EMT and Medic, both in the field and ED setting.


Does anyone have experience with this program or admission stats, etc.


Thanks a ton



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Run the other way. This school has been filled with problems and often axes students that didn't deserve it. One professor has been there since the inception of the program and continues to be biased on grading etc. If I had to do it all over again i would avoid this place like the plague. Find some place that fosters education, not has entire classes fearful of completing the year.

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come here i attend Penn College of Technology and in most cases these naysayers up here are bitter students whose experience wasn't good based either on their own shortcomings or mistakes, you have exceptional experience wow i congratulate you im currently working at the hospital and also getting my hours in the ER...i believe there are usually 50-60 applicants every year for like 40 seats, they look at your math/science gpas and health exposure the most...and they want at least 300 hours so you've already exceeded in that aspect...also during your final year of the program if you want you can take master of science classes at the nova southeastern univ via onlinr (nationally accredited grad school in florida) where youll take 2 grad classes a semester online along with your regular classes and when its time to graduate with your bachelors degree in physician asst studies you're two classes away from your masters degree as well...id attended here in 2009 for a semester, went to univ of south carolina out of state and then returned....good luck i doubt youll need it your resume is impressive

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Thanks PA_Sesay!


That is really useful information! 50-60 applicants for 40 seats? I thought there would be many more applicants to the program.


It has been a little hard to find information about the program from current students.


I have my bachelor's degree in Biology and I was hoping to get a Master's degree.


I have over 1000 hours of HCE in the Cardiac Cath Lab setting.


This school is my first choice, love the location. I hope I can get in!

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I'm in the pre-PA program there (will be applying soon for Fall 2012 start). Just to clarify- we just learned in a meeting that there were something like 134 applicants for 34 seats last year. Also, keep in mind that several (about 5) of those seats are already guaranteed to straight-out-of-high-school kids that scored high enough on their SATs. So that means that the rest of us are competing for about 28 or 29 seats.

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