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SB 406 Requirements

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Anyone, other than myself, feel that these new guidelines, outside a hospital/facility, are more of a hindrance than prior guidelines?  I'm not sure that I understand what is so improved by them from the PA's perspective.  Best I can tell there is no longer a requirement at the TMB website when applying for a new SP that you have to check a box that requests prescriptive supervision.  I also fail to understand why a distinction has to be made between a PA in a hospital/facility environment as opposed to a separate site.  What's good for the goose should be good for the gander and it would simplify matters for all parties it would seem if you just had one set of guidelines, regardless.  If you're licensed to practice then you're licensed to practice, regardless of your setting.  Imagine the fun of having two jobs, one in each setting, and having to keep straight the differentiations.


It would appear from what I'm reading at the TAPA site that alternate SP's no longer need to be registered through the TMB website as they have in the past, but only need to be documented in the agreement?  It would be interesting to know how many practices have failed to implement these changes to date, or are even aware that they needed to be made. 


I would also like to know if other states have similar practice requirements?

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