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Evaluating 5-year PA programs/Job Outlook Pennsylvania

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My daughter is applying to several schools for their 3+2 or 4+2 PA programs as an undergrad.  She's a high school senior.  She's gotten accepted at two out of seven so far and has interviews coming up.


How can she/we tell where the best program is?  Ask about rotations?  Look at PANCE pass rates?  We're looking at Arcadia, DeSales, Drexel, Duquesne, Kings (Wilkes-Barre), Lock Haven, and PhilaU.


One school has lower PANCE rates but justifies it by saying it concentrates on rural practitioner placement and accepts students from those areas who might not be academically strong but the school hopes they'll return to practice in their rural home area.


Another school boasts of winning multiple Challenge Bowls.  It also has very high PANCE rates.  How do we know if the program faculty are supportive?  Is the curriculum set up for maximum efficiency of learning?  Are clinical rotation sites of high quality?



Also, I'm reading on these forums that the PA market in PA is quite saturated.  Great.  She considered Pharmacy but her dad and I (pharmacists in PA) told her how saturated the market is NATIONWIDE, again, supply/demand issue, with PA being the WORST state.  Is it as bad for PA's out there?  She shadowed a little in an ER and thinks she might like Emergency setting.


Any insight into above schools, programs, or job market greatly appreciated. 

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Drexel is an excellent program. I went there in the early 90's. they have been around since 1971 and have what is likely the best list of rotation sites of any of the programs you listed. there are plenty of PA jobs out there if folks are willing to relocate to get their initial experience. once you have experience it is easier to work in the field and location you desire at the salary you think you are worth.

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Good to know, EMEDPA.  I would think you see it all in Philly. I loved my clinical and hospital rotations at HUP & CHOP as a pharmacy student in the late 80s.  Thinking about asking these schools for recent grads to get their feedback as to whether they felt reasonably prepared for their jobs.


We're hoping the Lehigh Valley is a promising training ground also, since we live much closer to Allentown than Philadelphia, if she doesn't get accepted at Drexel.


She's hoping to shadow a PA for a little as a high school senior. She's shadowed a few hours at a local ER with an NP and PA and really liked the ER scene, although that particular PA seemed to be a man of few words, even when he wasn't busy.  Hopefully, she can find a PA who's more willing to talk about their schooling and job experience.  Our family physician in Allentown might hook her up with a great PA he knows.  It pays to ask around.

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