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I've been tutoring PA students now for 3 years. I have also been tutoring PA grads trying to pass the PANCE and the PANRE.
For those students who have taken the PANCE and been unsuccessful, we find what area they were weak in, and begin with review of subject material and then on to test bank questions.

For students about to take it for the first time, we pinpoint areas that they are weaker in by reviewing grades from their schools. I also look at the schools themselves, as some schools have weaker clinical rotations than others. I also tutor students still In PA school.
As far as fees, I have somewhat of a sliding scale in that I first talk to the student on the phone to find what that person's financial situations are. I am a retired M.D., having practiced ER Trauma in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and have taught at Med Schools , undergraduate schools, for 23 years. and am not doing this for money as much as the enjoyment teaching brings me.

At Present I have 3 students from around the country. I use joinme.com on the internet. I have time for 1 more student. I live in the Boston/South Florida areas and you may call me to inquire if you wish. 617-816-8467 or email nowjohn2003@yahoo.com   Feel free to visit my website at www.pancetutor.com       


                                                    Best Wishes, John                    

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    • By PAssionate20
      I'm looking for private tutoring for  PANCE to help me in certain areas. If anyone tutors please let me know.
      Thank you. 
    • By jathas
      Dear PA Student or PA Grad,
      Since 2012, I have helped 59 students pass the PANCE and PANRE with Online tutoring. My students were from schools all across the United States...
      *Of the 7 first time takers, 100% passed.
      *Of those who had failed once, 97% passed. 
      *Of those who failed twice, 95% passed. 
      *And of those who failed three times, 91% passed after taking my course. 
      These are awesome results.
      Now I am pleased to offer my complete personal Automated AudioVisual PANCE/PANRE tutoring course online.
      This course has taken me over 5 years to develop. 
      It is a complete NCCPA Blueprint oriented AudioVisual PANCE, PANRE tutoring course with dynamic 1,200 Audiovisual pages. 
      This course is a tutoring review of the NCCPA Blueprint.
      This is my complete Reasonably Priced ‘one on one’ tutoring course now online with text and audio. Our AV Tutoring course lasts for over 20 hours.
      I invite you to just visit my website at www.PrecipioLearning.com to watch a free AV sample, listen to our advisory and educational blogs, lists of helpful websites such as http://www.skillstat.com/tools/ecg-simulator also to make any statements or ask any questions you desire.
      I Worked with AND DEPENDED on you Physician Assistants in my medical practice and in the ER over many years and found you all to be dependable and just terrific.
      It is my profound and public sincere opinion that your commitment, resolve, integrity and intellect are the bright Future of Medical care here in the U.S. (and in other countries as well).
      Most Sincerely,
      John Athas, M.D. (retired)
      Level 1 Trauma ER M.D.
      Internist and Instructor in Medicine
      Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fl
    • By Ahom89
      Does anyone know of a PANCE tutor in the San Francisco Bay Area? 
    • By jathas
      Dear PA Student or PA Grad,
      After personally tutoring PA students matriculating in PA schools for 2 years, I began tutoring graduates who were about to take the PANCE for the first time. 100% of the first five I tutored scored high.
      And since 2012, I have helped 52 students pass the PANCE and PANRE. Of those 3 first time takers, 100% passed.
      Of those who had failed once, 97% passed. Of those who failed twice, 93% passed. And of those who failed three times, 91% passed after taking my course. Those are awesome results.
      Now I am pleased to offer my complete personal PANCE/PANRE tutoring course online. This course has taken me 5 years to develop. It is a complete NCCPA Blueprint oriented PANCE, PANRE tutoring course with 1,200 Power Point slides. This course has been used by students still in school with great success because the student can pick and choose the Topics and Systems the student wants to review.
      This is my complete ‘one on one’ tutoring course online with text and audio, at a fraction of what I charged for personal tutoring. The audio alone lasts for 20 hours.
      I encourage you to visit my website at www.PrecipioLearning.com and ask any questions you wish to ask me.
      Most Sincerely,
      John Athas, M.D.
    • By jathas
      I am an online tutor for the PANCE/PANRE and for PA students. I'm a retired M.D., retired since 2002, with 22 years teaching PA's, medical interns and Med. students. As far as I know, I'm the only live online PA Tutor in the country! I have been tutoring matriculating PA students and PANCE/PANRE students for 6 years. 1,200 Power Point slides covering all of the Topics from the NCCPA's Blueprint are reviewed online with you while we view the slides and talk over our computers using 'joinme.com'.
      I've had enormous success with my students pass rates and it has been gratifying. It is especially gratifying when my student has previously failed 2-3 times.
      I have had over 50 students from some 18 states across the US,
      In addition I tutor PA students matriculating in school who may need some help.
      I ONLY tutor PA students and I am fully committed to the PA profession because I believe in it. While in practice I worked with PAs, and found them to be Far superior to other 'similar' providers.
      Please feel free to call me at 617-816-8467 to chat and visit my website at    www.pancetutor.com
      I've got one tutoring slot open as of today.
      We are in the process of developing our new website and service to also offer a complete and pre-recorded review for the PANCE and PANRE with the same tutoring that has been so popular and so successful.
      I have not been able to accommodate all the nice students who have asked for help on a private tutoring basis in the past, so I have recorded all of my lectures.
      The recorded lectures should be available soon.
      John Athas
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