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Statewide narcotic registry

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So I'm not sure how you guys are able to check on patient's filled prescriptions, but at my ED we can look up Rx's filled (within the past year or so) on our EMR.  However, this only works if people use insurance to fill the Rx. if people self-pay, it won't show up. So if people get narcotics filled and self pay it will not show up.


theres a (sort of new) program called the "Georgia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program" which is suppose to have a website that shows any and all narcotics filled in the state of georgia, for any patient.


the website is http://www.hidinc.com/gapdmp/practitioner-pharmacist.html


theoritically its a great idea, but the website is confusing and not very user friendly. I havent been able to sign up as a provider.  Has anyone else had any luck with this website?

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Hi jen0508-

I don't have an answer for you but...

I assume you must be a PA working in GA.  I wanted to ask you about how PA friendly GA seems, how hard the job market is (to find a job as a new grad), etc.  I am seriously considering moving there after I grad next year, so I am trying to be as informed as possible.  I want to go into oncology as well, if you have any info about that specialty in GA I would really appreciate it!  Feel free to private message me.

Thanks so much!!!


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    • By Hematime
      Hi everyone, I wanted to start this thread early so we can share our experience! Goodluck!
    • By cemetra
      I'm attending Arizona State University online. I live in Georgia and I'm 24 years old. ASU is a quarter-based system, which means I get college credits on a quarterly basis instead of a semester basis. All PA and AA schools (I'm interested in both) require a certain amount of prerequisite hours, but at ASU, I would be about an hour or two short in a lot of them, like biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, etc. So, me getting a degree in biology from ASU is kind of pointless, because I'd have to take some additional prerequisite classes at my local college anyways. I should also mention I have a job (in aviation) that pays pretty well - about $60,000 a year. I am also in the process of getting my Surgical Technician certifications, but this will take a year or so. With this being said, I have two options:
      A: Get my Surgical Tech school done and take a really low course load at ASU for Biology to ensure I maintain as close to a 4.0 as possible. Get about 60 of 120 credits from ASU (amount needed to transfer), then transfer to the University of Georgia. Finish my degree in biology, but live off loans. Try to find a part-time CST job while in Athens to keep them as low as possible. Continue with a low class load to keep a good GPA. This way, I'm keeping my grades high, but still getting some crucial clinical experience. Eventually graduate from UGA, a highly respected school in Georgia, with a degree in Biology. Then apply to programs. Most will be far away, so if I get accepted into one of those, I'll also probably have to live off loans for the two years of AA or PA school. Lots of debt, but better undergrad, experience (in life and classwork), and higher caliber school.
      B: Buy a mobile home for a great price ($13k practically brand new) - a home right next to my parent's. In 3 years, it'll be paid off and cost me half as much as renting. Continue my degree at Arizona State University (online) in something like psychology, since my prerequisites won't count the same anyways. Minor in personal health. Get my Surgical Tech school done and work part-time while attending ASU. Finish my psychology degree, then take the right prerequisites at my local college. Don't live off any student loans until I get accepted into AA or PA school.
      Option A seems nice. I can go to UGA, graduate with a degree in Biology, have that prestigious college (at least for my state) attached to my degree, finish everything on a physical campus, have easier access to volunteering in research studies at the campus, have 100% of my focus on my school and GPA (this is important as grades don't come naturally to me), and pretty much devote my life to making sure my prerequisites and overall GPA are top notch. The bad - I'd live off loans and accumulate a lot more debt and UGA is harder (could be a good thing for preparation) in their expectations. A lot of good, but the two bad are related to more debt and harder to get a good GPA.
      Option B seems good too, but not as appealing. I'll undergrad in psychology and minor in personal health (biology/chem/etc not available). Take all the right prerequisites at a local college that should be easier to pass versus UGA's standards. Save money by working as a Surgical Tech and paying $500/mo in a mortgage payment versus $1,000/mo for an apartment.
      SORRY TO RAMBLE. What's your opinion? 
    • By emmyjordan
      I am a student at the University of Georgia. I would like to shadow a PA to make sure this is the career I would like to pursue. If you would be willing to let me shadow or know someone who would, my email is eej83717@uga.edu
      Thank you!
    • By RhymesWit9
      I just moved to Texas/got my PA license after practicing in another state for about 1 year. At an interview, a PA affiliated with the practice told me he does not have a DEA number and that when he needed to write for a controlled substance, he submitted it under his supervising doc's name. ...Is this allowed? My prior state required your supervising doc to co-sign chart within 72 hours of writing a controlled substance. I did see on the TMB site that PAs can write for 30 days of a controlled substance at a time and must document consultation with their supervisor before refilling. Is this correct?
      Also, what are the requirements for supervising docs as far as signing charts? I looked through the TMB site and am not seeing specifics. My last state required "x"% of all charts to be co-signed. I'm quite certain the PA told me the doc doesn't sign his charts, which is surprising to me.
      Any other pearls of wisdom about practice/ practice law in Texas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    • By BobSaget
      New Grad here looking for something in Metro Atlanta.
      Does anyone have any leads or connections or suggestions on where I should start looking?
      PM me please!
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