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Lincoln memorial pa program; prerequisites

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I would like advise from someone attending or accepted in lmu's pa program.


I have recently decided to become a pa (hence my username) and i have a BS in biology with a minor in chem. I only applied to one pa school, which is lincoln memorial. My question is about the a&p requirement here. I was never required to take human a&p for my major, but i did take vertebrate anatomy and animal physiology. Both courses had labs and both were 4 semester hours. In addition, both courses that I took were a higher course level than human a&p I and II. Will these count toward human a&p I and II? I have contacted Owens in the past cocerning this, but she never really gave me a straight answer. She just said they evaluate courses taken.


Also, has anyone been accepted into LMU's PA program without taking human a&p? On their website they say human A&P or a combined anatomy and physiology course. I am A little confused about what they mean by this. There are many types of anatomy and physiology courses out there.


I turned in everything oct 22 and recieved confirmation the 31.


Any advice would be appreciated

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Thank you for answering my question, I really appreciate it! I know it has only been 2 weeks since I turned in everything, but I am so nervous.  I have not heard anything from LMU and I know they are handing out acceptances, which leaves less seats open. If I don’t hear anything by January, I will have to take human a&p I and II somewhere.


thanks again for taking the time to answer my question :) 

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