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how are my chances?

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Hey guys, I am just wondering what my chances are. This may be a long shot as I haven't taken A&P nor Micro yet.


My experience so far:

7 years as a Hospital Corpsman attached to both conventional and Force Reconnaissance Marines as a senior line corpsman/LPO(Supervisor) - providing various levels of care ranging from emergency first aid to hospital emergency medicine to include intubation, chest tubes, and cricothyroidotomys

currently working as a LVN/LPN, roughly 9 months experience in a county jail setting passing pills, injections and basic treatments


This is a really basic breakdown, I can provide much more information if needed. I'm in my third semester of school maintaining a 3.84GPA, missing only A&P, math and microbiology so far. 


Please let me know if you guys need any information or if this is way to early to even consider my chances as I am aiming to apply in 2014. Thanks!


PS - I plan on getting a letter of recommendation from my former military Medical Officers (M.D.), one of which is an admissions officer at an Ivy League college if that means anything.

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From an ex HM and a PCAP Alum, I will say your application is off to a good start. I would definitely aim to ACE anatomy, physio, chem, and micro if I were you before applying.


I think your HCE is very strong. PCAP is not a program that "caters" to military but the ADCOM can appreciate what we did/do as corpsmen. I would also apply to other schools like SJVC and MEDEX who may lend more weight to military medic experience but PCAP does take medics. There were 5 of us in my class.


Also demonstrate how you contribute to the mission of the program which is underserved primary care. This is huge because the program is known for filling this niche in the community and the administration wants to keep it that way.


Best wishes to you.


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