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I am constantly looking for ways to broaden by experience and knowledge.  I have found my "niche" to work with closed populations - i.e. Dept of Corrections/Mining Camps/Oil Fields & Refineries/Seafood Processing as a solo provider.


My ideal job would be:


  Rotational in nature - 4 weeks on  4 weeks off or less (won't rule out longer - would depend upon the position)

   Paid travel/housing/meals

  10-12 hour shift - prefer nights to days

   Married status if possible - i.e. I could bring my wife if she wanted to.


Areas of International Interest:  Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Argentina, Peru, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Dominican

Republic, Carribean, South Africa, Botswana, Turkey, Dubai, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, the UK, Germany


Areas of Domestic Interest:  West Coast/South West - basically anywhere west of the Rocky Mountains. 

Current licensure in Alaska, California and Washington State.


Position could be Locums - however most locums assignments I've seen have been in the 8-13 week time span.


Scheduling to me is far more important than salary.  That is not to say that salary is unimportant - it is.


Ideas and/or contact links information would greatly be appreciated.


Thanks - Bill






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beacon oil has positions on the north slope and on shemya(aleutians) either 2 weeks on/2 weeks off or month on/month off.

medcor has many solo positions at yellowstone, midway, etc

raytheon polar services staffs antarctica as well as several other distant posts

seavin hires pas for egypt. they are alays recruiting at the aapa conference

remote medical has stuff all over thew world

also short and long term ak jobs here: http://ykhcjobs.org/nppa.php

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