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Emergency Med CME

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One of my docs bought the "Demystifying Emergency Medicine" set them just to get the iPad, and gave me the DVDs   I think he's a good PA with a lot of knowledge and experience but IMHO his presentations can tend to ramble, his PPT slides are amateurish and his "Active Engagement Learning" style can be kind of juvenile.  I think he sometimes overly 'dumbs down' the concepts and clinical issues he's trying to teach/convey.  Maybe I'm also being a judgmental prick this morning too.  :-)  But what do I know?  A lot people seem to like him and he presents at a lot of conferences.


One last entry under the heading of "Nitpicking": On his 'About' page he has "What is a Physician's Assistant?"  Dude - remove the apostrophe and 's', PLEASE!

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