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PANCE pass rates

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Most schools publish their pass/fail rate.  Either google it or go to school web site and PA program.


IMO----it's not that important unless it's below 90 percent.  Most of the better schools have very high pass rates.  


I took the PANCE 4 times over 24 years.  I passed the first 3 with little or no studying, but my scores went down each cycle.  Last year I failed!  Never cracked a book, so I deserved to fail.  But just studied 2 hours a week x 10 wks and passed with flying colors the second time that cycle.


Passing is easy if you study the guides.

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All PA programs are required by accreditation standards to post their PANCE pass rates for the last 5 years on their website. They should be pretty easy to find.


The national pass rate runs in the 90s. As noted above, I would have some concerns if a school was much below that.

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