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Graduate Certificate in Medical Anatomy & Physiology

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The Univ of Florida Medical School is offering a Graduate Certificate in Medical Anatomy & Physiology entirely online. It seems there are four courses required for this Graduate Certificate:

1) Medical Anatomy

2) Medical Anatomy Lab

3) Medical Histology

4) Principals of Medical Physiology


I am in the position where my most recent 60+ credits in undegrad (including all the pre-PA classes) have an excellent GPA (3.72) yet this is overshadowed by several poor grades during the first two years. In order to buff up my application I am considering various Masters in Physiology or this Graduate Certificate in Medical Anatomy & Physiology.



1) What is the opinion on this sort of certificate? Will it help balance out my application and allow my PA application to stand out?

2) Has anyone done this program or know someone who has?

3) If yes to 2, what was the general perceived quality of the program?

4) Any general information/feedback you all might have to offer.


Thanks, folks!

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