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What are ortho practices looking for on a CV

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I am a student that will finish in Dec.  Does anybody have any advise about how to make my CV attractive to the Ortho field: how do I set myself apart from the rest of the students in the country trying to get into ortho?  


Thanks for the advise in advance.

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Make sure you've joined PAOS as a student member.  Put any shadowing you did or volunteering at sporting events.  Include any kinesiology classes you might have taken in undergrad (or anything that looks/sounds like it).  Did you do any extra work with a sports medicine club while in school?  My PA program was partnered with the medical school, so we had a sports med club, and I was the PA rep....stuff like that.  If you have your ATC or anything similar, put that on there.  You might also put any surgical experience you had prior to school, or if you did any extra surgical elective rotations. 


Some ortho groups prefer someone with a stronger medical knowledge.  So don't leave that stuff out.  It makes you a more well-rounded PA.  They know ortho.  They can teach that all day.  Sometimes they want someone with medical info they have long since forgotten....like reading EKG's and interpreting labs.

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