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New grad IM offer advice please!

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I am a new graduate and was recently offered an internal medicine job in the SE.  The president of the practice is in another state and will be buying an established practice from a local doctor in my city. I will be working with the current doctor locally whom I have not met. I interviewed with the "owner" who lives upnorth via skype. After a 2 hr interview, he offered me the job. 


salary: 95K for 45hrs/week  (M-F 9hrs/day)

no hospital rounding or admissions -strictly outpatient 

on call every other week 

5 weeks total "PTO" (includes holidays, 1 week CME, vacations, etc) 

$1500 for CME 

I will get pay 1/2 my salary while in training but once I'm seeing a full load it will be 95K ( 3 pts per hour ~ 27 pts/day) 

full malpractice coverage, no tail coverage

@ least 70% of medical and dental insurance ( he will try to give me 100% but unsure yet) 

$125/ month for my phone bill 

It's a 1 year contract 

1 year termination clause of contiguous cities around the city which the practice reside. 


I plan to shadow the local doctor soon. He is older and probably will retire in a few years at which time the "owner" plans to hire a new doctor. For a new grad, I think this is a pretty solid deal, however, I'm no expert so I'm seeking for your expert advice! Are there anything I'm overlooking  or should ask? 


Thank you!!




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Tail coverage is going to a big expense on your part. 27 pts a day is a fairly large load for IM. It may be quite awhile for you to produce those kinds of numbers. The non-compete is going to force you to move if you don't keep the job. Despite all that, my biggest concern would be not knowing what your SP is like and potentially having some random new doc become your SP in X number of years.

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I'm not required to see that many patients off the bat..he said I can start to do that when I'm comfortable. When I'm seeing "half" the load, I'm being paid 50% the 95K salary. They do have EMR. 


What is the average tail coverage? 

Is a noncompete clause a standard thing on a PA contract??


Thanks for everyone's help! 

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