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I'm a new grad and I interviewed with a holistic private practice in a wealthy area. They have not yet given me any specific numbers with regard to salary but they said I could start off as a medical assistant until my license came through?!?!??  Has anyone else dealt with this?  I've never heard of this before.  What's the typical deal when it comes to training for a new position?  Should I expect a regular PA salary or to start off at a lower rate?

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I don't know... I don't think that sounds like a good idea.  It seems to me they would pay you as a medical assistant, treat you as a medical assistant, then when you get your PA license, the bar would already be set terribly low for you. I think if you are going to be in training, they should pay you as a PA in training for a percentage of what your actual PA salary will be when you are licensed.  And that should definitely be negotiated up front. 

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Walk away from this.  You are a PA.  Not an MA.  And if you can get a Temp License in your state then you should be able to practice as a PA without rx'ing (in my state that is how it goes at least).  If you are training as a PA then you should be being paid as a PA.  If they want to lower the training salary as a result and then automatically increase it when you have your full license then that is fine but make sure it states CLEARLY in the contract that this is the case.  


The offer seems a little shady and filled with possibilities that will enable you to get screwed.  Do you really want to spend 1-3 months taking vitals, putting people in rooms, giving shots for $10-15/hr?  When/where/how whould they be training you?  Are you going to see pts with a MD/DO/PA/NP next to you so you can get in the swing of things?  If so that is doing work as a PA, and so you should be compensated accordingly.  Aside from that, if you are the MA on week and then the next week you are suddenly seeing pts, that make concern some of the patients that remember you as doing something else and could erode some confidence those patients have in you.

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I would disagree with the above, you don't walk away from offers like this, you run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!


Explain to them that you are a PA, not the medical assistant.

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