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I need some piece of advise people cos I feel lost.so I have a bachelors degree in sociology with a gpa of 2.8,and currently working as an lpn.i did my lpn program in a private school which required no pre-reqs so I currently have none.i worked at a cna for about a year so I guess I should have about 1800 hour and currently working as an lpn for almost 10 months.i am interested in pursuing the pa program as a first option and bsn as a second.PLEASE HELP!!!!

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So,what exactly do you need help with @Samsmith14? You still have to take the pre-requisite coursework for admission into any PA or BSN program if that's what your asking, there are no ways around it.  Go to any PA programs' websites and you'll see for yourself that all schools require certain pre-req classes.  


For example, here's an excerpt from Yale's PA program website:


The Admissions Committee closely examines an applicant's record for evidence that the individual is capable of successfully completing graduate-level science work. While a degree in a premedical science major is not required of applicants, due to the intense nature of graduate study at Yale, a cumulative science GPA of 3.0 is required.  Grades and corresponding course credits in all biology, chemistry and physics courses from undergraduate and graduate work are used to calculate the science grade point average.  This calculation is derived automatically from the CASPA application.

  • One semester of statistics or calculus
  • One semester of anatomy with or without lab
  • One semester of either organic chemistry or biochemistry
  • One semester of human or animal physiology (may be met by taking either one semester of Anatomy and one semester of Physiology, or two semesters of Anatomy and Physiology, combined. 
  • One semester of microbiology 
  • One semester of genetics


Of course, each school has +/- 3-4 classes that they say makes a competitive candidate for their program, and you will have to take foundational courses in order to take your higher level classes (i.e. you will have to take Bio 101 and 102 in order to take Genetics, Microbiology; Chem 101 and 102 for Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry).  You should check out a few schools you are interested in attending to see what they look for in a viable PA or BSN applicant...


Again, I'm not sure what exactly you wanted, so I hope this helps a little. We have quite a few capable mentors on this forum who can assist you if you could narrow your question down a bit… :-)  

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Well you need to take all the pre-reqs needed for PA school which you have to look up and see what they are for the schools that you are going to apply to.  AND you HAVE TO get all A's on those classes.  Your current GPA is low and you need to bring it up. If you think you cannot get an A in those pre-reqs you better go the BSN route because PA school is very competitive and your GPA and GRE scores must be in the competitive range.

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What state are you in? It would help to have someplace to start, like which PA programs and state schools are near you. Then we would have a sense of what pre-reqs your nearby PA schools have, as well as what courses are available at the universities near you.


You might be able to keep working as an LPN while doing pre-reqs (so long as you can get A's and the occasional B while doing both). Also, how long ago was your Sociology BA completed? That matters too. A 2.8 is not good, but if it was 5-10 years ago and you kick butt in all your pre-reqs, it makes a statement.

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