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not a typical night shift....

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arrived tonight to one of my solo gigs to find 4 pts waiting to be seen-

#1 68 yr old male. gray, tachypneic and diaphoretic, sao2 86% RR 40

#2 10 yr old female with "meat stuck in throat" drooling copiously

#3 morbidly obese 30 yr old female smoker with hx of asthma RR=28, sao2=88%

#4 70 yr old male who just fell down stairs, hurts all over, chest> everywhere else



#1 pneumonia/emphysema. admit post nebs/steroids/IV abx

#2 esophageal fb not responsiove to glucagon. transfer to peds gi for endoscopy

#3 pneumonia and chf. admit for IV abx, diuresis +/- cpap/bipap

#4 multiple r sided rib fxs, ptx on L. trauma transfer.


when it rains it pours....now no one in dept.....

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