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How early is too early to start applying for jobs?

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I made a file of clippings from aapa journals, etc a year ahead and started calling those folks a few months before graduation, even if they still did not have positions listed. the job I ended up getting was never posted and was because I sent such a letter. I was the only one to interview for it.

it helps if you know what geographical area you want. I knew I needed within commuting distance of L.A. because my wife started grad school there soon after my PA school graduation so we were stuck there for 2 years.

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[...] but I agree that it is a little early to start applying if I want to be taken seriously.  

WHY do you even think that?  It's self limiting.  Do you want an employer who says "gosh, I need someone today because I didn't plan well! I need an already-licensed PA!" or one who says "Based on the clinic's current growth trend, we're going to need another provider in a year--let's start looking for a PA now so we can recruit, hire, and train one who'll be up to speed by the time that need is critical"


Yeah, if you're a 22 year old with no prior job skills, it's hard to take you seriously as a job applicant, but that really doesn't change upon graduation, either, does it?  For those of us with decades of job skills and a CV we have to prune carefully to be a reasonable length, there's really no "too early", because what matters most to the employers is your past track record.  Remember, all interview questions boil down to three: 1) Can you do the job? 2) Can we work harmoniously? and 3) Will you stick around? ALL of those can be answered prior to graduation, in a job offer that's made contingent on PANCE success.

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