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New Grad Critical Care Offer

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I'm a new grad who graduated within the last month so this will be my first job. Offer is for a pulmonary practice owned by the major academic hospital in the area. The group is pretty large with about 15 docs and 6 PAs. Position will involve staffing the medical ICU, post-op neurosurg ICU, and the their LTAC unit. The docs seem very willing to train as I am a new grad, they basically stated that it will be similar to a fellowship position. They have an extensive orientation schedule planned out where i will actually rotate with other services they frequently consult such as nephrology and cards so that I can get an idea of how the consultants work in the ICU. It all sounds pretty good to me. I have had other offers but Critical Care is what I have wanted to do for a long time. So is the actual offer sound for a new grad?


Position is day shift 7am-5pm.

4 10hr days a wk

One weekend a month

no call, no nights

Position located in PA, in a pretty PA saturated area


Base salary: $78,000

Full health insurance with no premiums

Vision and dental options with very low premiums

3 weeks paid vacation

48 hours paid holiday time (so i guess this is like extra vacation?)

1 weeks time for CME not taken out of vacation time

I also accrue 1 sick day a month that is not taken out of any other vacation time

CME Allowance of $2000 ( up to $1000 dollars will roll over each year if not used, I may also use up to $1500 a year out of my CME for purchasing electronic equipment/computer/journal subscriptions)

Paid membership for one professional organization (not taken out of CME)

All licensing and certification fees paid, they will even reimburse me for the money i spent on the pance and state license

Full Malpractice/Tail covered



Any thoughts would be really appreciated

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Are you kidding me? 78k and a great package to get trained and learn how to take care of critically I'll patient's?

Where do I sign???


Run, do not walk, and take this offer.


The education alone is priceless.

You will come out on the other end being studly and a PA who is not afraid of lines, drugs, and circling the drain patients.


Maybe negotiating is important... I guess it is..


So is recognizing a wonderful opportunity and realizing the inherent, lifelong, value this opportunity will add to your career.


Don't lose it.

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Solid offer.  The salary is lower, but it sounds like they will basically be giving you a quasi residency in Critical Care.  I would take it, especially if you want Critical Care.  How long is the contract?  If it is a year then you should be fine with a solid renegotiation after that, or maybe put in the ability to renegotiate after a year.  Still a pretty solid contract and you will come out of the above with a very good grasp in critical care which will help in pretty much all areas.  

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