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It is nice to be prefered.

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Just this week I overheard some ED physicians talking about utilizing PA's as part of their practice group. They have been very impressed with the current PA's and are looking to hire another.


When I told them that I had recently been accepted and that they should hold that job for me (joking), one of them whispered to me, "Don't tell any of the nurses this, but we are NOT looking at hiring any NP's in the future. They have a completely different type of education. PA's are trained in the medical model."


This doctor also said that he believes that hiring PA's within their practice group is the only way that they will be able to continue delivering care in the future.

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Honestly, this doesn't surprise me at all. Of course MDs prefer PAs over NPs... But if NPs aren't working for MDs what does it matter if the MDs don't prefer them? NPs can tell them to kiss off and just open their own practice.


In certain specialties, yes.  In others, there's no way NP's could ever take ground away from physicians

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