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When your first job as a PA-C fails...

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I am coming towards the end of my 1-year contract with my current company (family practice) and will not be renewing. This was my first job out of school, and this new practice which opened a few months before I started has pretty much failed. One doctor left, the other let go about 2 weeks ago due to low volume and every day I hear something different from the owner about whether or not he is going to shut it down or not. He has told me he wants to keep me for medical consulting, but I definitely don't feel confident in job security here.


Another thing is we have been super low volume... I only 'really' started seeing my own patients a few months ago (maybe 4) and see 1-4 a day. In the afternoon I do consulting for a psych hospital and do admissions/consults so that can range from 5-12 patients a day. Although I don't really feel that I've learned anything by working there (minimal medical resources, empiric treatment for everything...)


Honestly, I feel like a new grad still. Besides from the million articles I've read on my free time (aka pulling my hair out from being so bored) I have not had a lot of clinical experience AT ALL. And I feel like my next job is going to have to have an MD who is willing to train because I feel like I still don't know anything..... ( I can read until my eyes bleed but I really learn by doing). The few patients I have, have given great reviews about me and have even switched their whole families to my care.


Not to mention I haven't heard back from any of the places I applied to so I guess I need to spruce up my résumé?!


Any suggestions/thoughts on a resume for 1 year of experience/new grad? Should I still include my rotations? My fiancé and I moved 8 hours from home for this job and love it here. I'm hoping to find another job close by because it'd break our hearts to have to move again.


Anyone else have any experience with working in a failed practice?



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