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Survey and Feedback from other Hospitalist PAs for a project

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Hey there,


So I've been working on getting more involved with projects around the hospital and through the Society for Hospital Medicine in general as a PA. One thing that's come up as a "hot topic of interest" is how to integrate a PA/NP into a Hospitalist team.


As I was the first PA on my team and sort-of made a "niche" for myself with my interests in the sickest and most complex patients in a very pro-learning environment, I'd be interested to hear from other Hospitalist PAs about their role and integration into the MD groups.


What worked for you/didn't work for your group?


What would you change about it?


How would you recommend PAs be used in regards to admissions, rounding, discharges, etc?


What sorts of schedules work for your teams?


Thanks guys, I'm really hoping to get a good guideline/presentation outline created to help both us and our MD hospitalist colleagues, I really appreciate any input. Feel free to PM me as well.

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