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Searching for Medical Volunteer Opportunties within the US

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I realize there have been a lot of threads on global volunteering but what about medical opportunities within the US? I am taking the PANCE this month but figured between waiting for state licensing, job interviewing and hospital credentialing I may have some free time in the next month or so to make several small trips and feel more worthwhile than just taking a vacation. I realize I will likely need to have the PA-C first, but was hoping for programs with either no or only 1 state license as a PA to be required. If anyone has some good programs links I would appreciate. I am on the East coast but looking to volunteer somewhere Midwest or Southern USA.




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not possible.......


liability and state license issues prevent it......


had a doc friend who actually paid big bucks in $$$ and time to get licensed in West Virgina to be able to volunteer, but in the end was just not worth it......



Best choice honestly would be if they USPHS ever figure out how to make the ready reserve - they have the authorization but no funding so it is dead in the water......


otherwise, Federal gov't locums to a VA or IHS for per diem coverage.....

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