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hey everybody


I am an undergraduate student with a lot up upper division math, science and bio on the transcript, no bachelor degree. I had heard that you can get a job as a working PA with a Bachelors Degree in PA, a certificate and a passing PANCE score. Is this restricted to specific states or is it not applicable at all?


if not then

would it be better to earn a Bachelor's Degree in biology somewhere then continue to a school with a Masters in PA or to start out all over again at some of these combined, accepting "fresh out of high school student" schools? I have heard that the combined programs are not as comprehensive and lack some foundation.


any input is appreciated!!


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How far are you from finishing your undergrad degree? Keep in mind, it doesn't matter what the degree is as long as you meet the prereqs.


There are a few bachelors level, certificate programs left, the MEDEX program at UW comes to mind. But if you're close to getting your degree, it's pretty much the same amount of work for a cert or a master's degree. It's not that you can't work as a PA without the bachelor's degree, it's that many more doors will open to you if you have the master's degree. Whether the degree matters can be debated, but if you go on indeed.com and search for PA jobs, you'll notice many are looking for people with a master's degree.


If I were you, I'd continue working towards the degree you are an undergrad for, get some good HCE while you're at it, and set yourself up to be competitive for some of the top schools in the country.

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